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Actor - Singer - Writer - producer - host 


Named by Forbes as one of the Top Creators of 2022, La’Ron's longtime passion for music has been reintroduced with the release of “Web of Lies." Inspired by the likes of Usher, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd, La’Ron is not only a singer, but a performer, dancer, writer and contributor to his creative concepts.

Hailing from Mississippi, acting was La’Ron’s first plunge into the industry at just 9 years old. From the moment La’Ron moved to Los Angeles in 2018, both music and acting became his full time job. Once the pandemic hit, his focus shifted to social media where his following catapulted to places he never imagined.Now at 21 years old, La’Ron has taken the time to grow his platforms and discover what type of artist he wants to become with the release of “Web of Lies.”

La’Ron, who went from ~800K TikTok followers in 2020 to 9.4M as of today, organically went viral during the pandemic by asking kids at the family daycare he co-owns with his parents, "Are you smart?." The series has since expanded to quizzing celebrities such as H.E.R, Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap and more. The past two years have been a whirlwind for La’Ron; from an upcoming Snapchat Original show ‘La’Ron in a Million,’ to an appearance on Wild 'n Out, Steve Harvey, BET and partnerships with several brands. The virality of La’Ron’s videos even captured the attention of Golden Globe hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey in 2021, where they personally requested he bring his TikTok series to the big screen.

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